Heidi Steinman

I paint because it’s part of who I am. I have enjoyed making art since 1st grade. Art has continued to be a passion and an outlet of expression.

My grandpa worked and saved his whole life to give each grandchild a little bit of money to put towards school. I chose to use this money to fund my painting. I have invested in art, and I believe it is worth it. To me, it is a precious gift and highly valuable.

I find pleasure and joy in the process of making an oil painting. I enjoy the patience it requires because seeing the whole picture come together at the end is very rewarding. I feel close to God when I paint. I love noticing every detail and color. I feel free when a brush is in my hand creating a picture. I lose track of time. It causes me to be present.

My hope is to share my art as an expression of awe and wonder. God created beautiful things out of the dust, and painting is a way I get to appreciate what he has made– detail by detail.